Are you an art informant? If yes, great. If no, then let me share with you my take on it as an artist.

First, let’s define the term “informant” briefly: One popular dictionary defines informant as a person who supplies information; someone who sees an event and reports what happened, a witness.  An example of that might be someone, like a spy, who gains inside information secretively and passes that information on to a third party. However, unlike a spy whose mission usually involves danger and risk, I have discovered that by applying three simple TO-Dos, my art life becomes more rewarding and meaningful.

  1. Listen and Record. As you go about your day on social media, learn to pick out the nuggets of information. When you hear something meaningful to you, jot it down. Keep it in sight and read it often.
  2. Find, Focus, and Forward. Purposely seek the best of the best of artist videos, blogs, and webinars. In doing so, you may find that you increase your knowledge, as well as build up valuable minutes into your day.
  3. Give It Out. Remember, an informant passes on what he knows, and what he has witnessed or maybe even experienced. As an art informant, you can grow by letting go—and by giving out your knowledge and experience to others. You might offer to share in a high school art class or teach an adult education class. However, watch out, art informant, you are about to get back in return much more. Try it and let us know.

Check out the spy/artist article in the Washington Post by Michael S. Rosenwald, January 12, 2013)…tony-mendez…/